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About Klaus Doberman

               FERAL ART. NOT ANTHRO ART

Please do not give me crap if you don't like such material

species Canine- doberman
gender male
loves Doberman 164 submissions 972,921 page views 1,196 comments received 85 comments posted 101,438 profile views
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Liekos 2 weeks ago
How are you doing, buddy? Wanna catch up
speedingz 1 month ago
Good to see you posting stuff again, I've missed your awesome new art! Keep up the good work!
Elephantboy 5 months ago
Love your work
Thedarkcat 6 months ago
You're a pretty good artist! Keep it goin'! ^^
TroyBaines 10 months ago
hey Klaus i love your Art Work, keep up the good job Bud
X-Monkey 1 year ago
just because i though you should know...

i have been following your work for a long time and i can tell you you are one the most impressive artist i have found in the furry world...

i heard about a issue... don´t really know what happened and i really don´t what to know...

but i´m happy you back online ^^

keep working on this you are one of the best ^^
Anailaigh 1 year ago
Retired? as in no longer making art o.O? and you have some art restricted to friend view only T_T not sure if you are aware
Klaus Doberman 1 year ago
Which art? I would like to change this. Thanks in advance.
Anailaigh 1 year ago
odd. it was a few equine pics, but now they seem to load. It was a few older ones but this was hours ago so i cant recall which exact ones. I do know they were equine so you can look at those an check what theyre labled as. start at the bottom of your arts tho cause thats where they were located. i believe ALL the ones i JUST faved, were the ones i couldnt originally....
Red Back Dragon 1 year ago
G'Day mate , if you get that art re uploaded let me know
HybredVigor 1 year ago
Good luck man and I wish you the best in all your endeavors
iZiggeh 1 year ago
I'm a bit confused ! How can view the gallery ?